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Floating Fish

How Can You Boost the Growth of Floating Fish?

Floating fish feed production has a significant impact on the growth efficiency of floating fish. With better growth of floating fish, the cost of fish farming has also gone down. In the past few decades, it is no wonder that there has been an increase in the use of floating fish feed made by fish feed companies. We can credit this increasing use of floating fish to high-quality and eco-friendly floating fish feed showing great stability underwater to stay afloat. Therefore, with better floating properties, better digestibility, and less pollution, such evolved floating fish feed made by fish feed companies such as Nouriture has contributed positively to the aquaculture feed industry.

Is Diet Formula Paramount to Fostering Better Fish Growth?

There are various kinds of raw materials used in floating fish feed ranging from fish meal, wheat meal, vitamin premix, yeast powder, and so on. However, without proper research and certification, floating fish feed made by several fish feed companies may show signs of incomplete nutrient profile that may increase the fish farming cost. This, in turn, can negatively impact your FCR or Feed Conversion Ratio. With Nouriture’s Fishwell floating fish feed, you can be rest assured that your fish will meet the nutritional goals, thereby, promising a better FCR. Moreover, it floats for at least two hours on water, ensuring that the fish consume the entire feed with ease.

Recommended Nutrient Profile For Better Floating Fish Growth

We need the right amount of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber to facilitate optimum growth of fish. Nouriture’s Matsya Bandhu comes with such a perfect balance of nutrients for the aqua farmers in India. Achieving this balance has been possible by Anmol Feeds who created Nouriture, uses world-class technology to make these effective floating fish feed. As far as nutrient profile is concerned, looking at the table below will be insightful

Floating Fish Feed Composition Table For Matsya Bandhu
Texture (in mm) Crude Protein (min. %) Crude Fat (min. %) Fiber (Max. %)
Dust 38 5 8
0.8 34 4 8
1-2 32 5 8
2-4 28 4 8
1 26 4 8
3-4 24 3 8
3-4 20 3 8

The Matsya Bandhu Advantage: The Gift of Floating Fish Feed

Anmol Feeds has been consistently pushing the envelope in animal feed production for more than twenty years now. Matsya Bandhu under Nouriture is indeed an exclusive gift for the aqua farmers in India. It ensures better productivity at a reasonable price. Moreover, Matsya Bandhu floating fish feed floats for at least three hours on water, giving your fish the best chance to catch the entire feed easily.  But it begs the question, how does this floating fish feed manage to do so? Let’s find out below.

1.  Minimum chances of diseases – Matsya Bandhu is manufactured using the most hygienic process.

2.  Keeps water clean - The raw materials used do not harm the marine ecosystem.

3.  Requires Less Manpower – With lower FCR, the requirement for manpower does reduce.

4.Efficient feed Management – Arguably, being the best fish feed in the market, it ensures lower FCR, which results in better efficiency of feed management.

5.  Faster Growth & Quicker Crop Production GMP & ISO certified, Matsya Bandhu meets all the feed requirements that promote faster growth and production.

6.  Minimum mortality – A better nutrient profile reduces the mortality rate of fish.

7.Good appearance & Flavor ; Infused with the perfect blend of ingredients that produce the right flavors.

8.  Maximum Profit – Digestibility, nutrition, hygiene, and a lower FCR generate the maximum profits for Indian aqua farmers.

In conclusion, Matsya Bandhu is thought to be the best fish feed for different types of fishes like Bottom Dweller, Bata, and Mrigal. Nouriture is undoubtedly the best fish feed supplier near me that uses better technology for higher growth and lower FCR, making it the ideal gift for aqua farmers. For better-than-expected results, this floating fish feed also boasts 38% protein that contains all the essential amino acids required for the sustainable growth of the fish. It is also available in 20 kg and 35 kg variants at the best prices here.

With the best fish feed suppliers like Nouriture near me, you can help your fish farming business succeed. Providing door-to-door delivery, Nouriture makes it simpler for farmers to avoid making long commutes. Grab a pack of Nouriture’s floating fish feed like Fishwell & Matsya Bandhu right away to help your company reach new heights.

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