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Steps to Promote Livestock and Animal Feed Sustainability During Monsoons

For every farmer, their livestock plays a crucial role. Since these help with uplifting the agricultural sector, taking the best care of them is essential. With the monsoons coming in, the rough weather calls for unpleasant living conditions. Since farmers consider every minor detail, it's important to ensure that your livestock remains protected throughout.

During this unpleasant weather, it's not only farmers but also animal feed manufacturers that face the brunt. Several preventive measures need to be taken care of to ensure your livestock eats right. This problem is something that most farmers need to understand before making the right choice. But before that, what are the problems that most farmers face?

Challenges faced by Livestock Farmers during monsoons

Before we head towards the solution, it's vital to understand the problems faced by livestock. Both animal feed manufacturers and farmers need to understand this situation to showcase better farm conditions.

Listed below are some of the challenges faced:

  • Leaking roofs- With the rains, come chances of flooding. This causes water leakage that affects the comfort of your livestock. Unclean sheds lead to the production of ammonia that can affect the eyes of your livestock if kept in concentration.

  • More moisture. More the bacteria- The moisture formed on the ground due to the rains lead to the production of bacteria. This promotes the growth of worms that is unpleasant to most farm animals. These worms grow especially during this season-opening doors to a drop in livestock’s overall health condition.

  • Feeding- Grasses that grow and flourish during the rainy season contain water and fiber in plenty. This causes livestock to pass watery, especially during this season.

  • Moldy Feeds- For some this may not be that important, but this stands to be one of the most crucial pointers of all. During the rains, animal feeds become wet because broken roofs lead to the formation of molds. This moldy feed proves to be dangerous for consumption, eventually leading to cancer.

All these problems may prove to be a nightmare for most livestock farmers. Ensuring proper sustainability helps resolve many problems faced. This on the other hand improves the conditions of the farm and farmers-leading to a better-controlled farm that remains unaffected during the rains.

To every problem, there is a solution. Hence, here are some steps to promote livestock and feed sustainability during monsoons.


Steps to promote Sustainability during Monsoons

  • Every farmer should ensure that their animal sheds are leak-proof as well as clean. This ensures that your livestock remains disease-free irrespective of the change in weather.

  • Since the grass grows at a rapid rate, cutting some of the young grass before the rains and feeding are crucial. This will ultimately turn into good feed in the long run.

  • Since worms thrive and grow quickly during this season, de-working is effective at the beginning of the season. This ensures that your livestock remains disease-free and worm-free throughout.

  • This weather calls for constant spraying of animals. This ensures proper removal of ectoparasites for a healthy cycle ahead.

  • Every livestock farmer must ensure that their farms are disinfected regularly.

  • Last, but not least, animal feed should be stored in a dry place to avoid it from becoming moldy.


Keeping all these above-listed pointers in mind, ensuring a better and sustainable farm now seems less of a challenge. We, at Nouriture also understand and wish we educate the same to every farmer in India. Being informed and aware of every situation ensures farmers save and grow at a good pace. 


With the help of Nouriture Technical Services, we look at resolving the queries of every farmer. Being the best animal feed company in India, we also ensure that your livestock gets enough vitamins and nutrients they require. So choose Nouriture and follow the route to a healthier and more sustainable farm that withstands the monsoons.

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