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Poultry Feed

The Ultimate Guide to Poultry Feed Management in Winter

Poultry feed accounts for more than 70% to 80% of the cost of ready broiler birds. As a result, the success of a poultry farm is dependent on proper management.

When it comes to poultry feed management, factors like water, nutrition and different techniques of feed management are known to varying extents.

Let’s address some of the lesser-known questions and the best practices regarding poultry feed management recommended by the best poultry manufacturers.

Avoid hurriedly switching between poultry feed: Why?

Do not immediately switch to the starter poultry feed after adding 50% pre-starter. Stick to the pre-starter feed for at least a couple of days before switching to the starter feed. When switching your chicken from starter to finisher feed, you should adhere to the same pattern. Pre-starter feed, starter feed, and finisher feed all have different energy and protein values with the intention that the chicken not be switched over immediately to feed with more or less energy because this can lead to stress.

Breed familiarity between the poultry feeders

Between the feeding line and the drinker's lines, a feeder should be used and distributed at random. The chick becomes recognizable to feeders as a result.


Poultry feed storage conditions

Inadequate storage will shorten the feed's shelf life by causing it to lose important nutrients like vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants. Poor bird health will result in slower growth and more bird deaths.

Wet storage conditions can cause the poultry feed to spoil and grow mould. It is more likely that these moulds will produce mycotoxins and grow quickly in warm weather. The use of mouldy feeds may result in decreased performance, illnesses, and a large number of fatalities.

Temperature of the feed storage

One should be aware that the sun's radiation during the day creates a greenhouse effect inside the bin when storing feed in outdoor bins. The nutritional value of feed that has been stored can be significantly impacted by overheating because it can cause proteins to break down or fat to go rancid.

Poultry Feeding administration

One of the most important aspects of farm feed handling is the proper "unloading" or "flow-out" of poultry feed. A first-in-first-out mass flow is ideal. This prevents old poultry feed from accumulating in the bin. Using a good extracting auger also prevents feed separation and ensures that the feed is delivered to the birds with little to no composition change. To achieve a good feed flow, the hopper must have a good inclination angle. To avoid clogging or bridging of the feed, the interior surface of the hopper should be smooth and free of obstructions.

Nouriture: Poultry Feed Experts

Without adequate research and certification, many poultry feeds may exhibit symptoms of an incomplete nutrient profile, potentially increasing the cost of livestock & fish farming. Your feed conversion ratio (FCR) may suffer as a result. Nouriture's animal feed, which has a lower FCR, will assist your fish in meeting their nutritional requirements at half the price.

Today's specialized needs of the animal feed industry are met by Nutrichoice, a modern generation marvel of poultry feed made by one of the best poultry feed producers and poultry feed suppliers, Anmol Feeds, under the brand name Nouriture. Anmol Feeds has had a significant presence in 20 states in India and nearby nations like Nepal and Bhutan since it was founded in 2000.

So, when it comes to selecting the best broiler feed for your broiler poultry chickens to ensure their long-term health and care with food, look no further than Nouriture. Only at Nouriture can you get nutritionally and protein-rich poultry feed at the best price.

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