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What is the Benefit of Adjusting Zinc Level in Shrimp Feed?

A nutritionally balanced shrimp feed works wonders on shrimp farming. It contains the right amount of protein to help the shrimps to gain the required nutrition. A beneficial shrimp formula is prepared with the best quality domestic and imported ingredients. The shrimp feed is prepared using the most advanced US technologies to make it suitable for higher growth.

A good quality shrimp feed will minimize environmental pollution and improve in shrimp production. The productivity will increase by adjusting the zinc level in shrimp feed. To help you understand better, here are some important factors of adjusting the zinc levels.

Benefits of adjusting Zn level and source on health status

Zn level is very significant for a practical shrimp diet with improved immunity-related enzymes as indicated by an enhanced Zn SOD, AKP, ACP, and LMZ activities. When ZnSO4 was partially or entirely substituted with a ZnAA complex, the activity of hemolymph phenoloxidase, an important component of the shrimp immune system, rose dramatically. In addition, it was seen that the shrimp were given a mixture of ZnSO4 and ZnAA complex or ZnAA complex at 0.5x rate, this helped in increasing the antioxidant capacity and immune-related enzyme activity.

Benefits of adjusting Zn level and source on product quality

The importance of zinc in shrimp extends beyond development and immunity. The amount of zinc in the shrimp, as well as the source, had a substantial impact on the quality of the shrimp. Drip loss in muscle and thawing loss in whole shrimp were dramatically decreased when the ZnAA complex was supplemented in conjunction with ZnSO4 or at half-rate of inorganic. The addition of 120 ppm Zn from ZnSO4 did not affect the loss of whole shrimp or muscle drip. The replacement of complex inorganic premix with a mineral-AA premix helped in reducing the deterioration by four days post-refrigeration.

The results showed that ZnAA complex supplementation is superior for improved productivity.

Every Shrimp feed producer does not use advanced production procedures unlike Nutri Choice-a premium protein shrimp feed with high-quality products. They produce state-of-the-art products with the help of high-end technologies. The finished products go through a strict quality check to meet the growing demands.

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