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What To Keep In Mind Before Choosing Cattle Feed As A Substitute To Grazing

Cattle farming in drought-affected areas, or areas where pastures are costly, can be challenging. Cows are fed with either grass and small plants or are given nutritious feed as supplements.

Pastures are pieces of land covered with grass and other low plants which are suitable for grazing. Grazing is a healthy option for cows as the grass has the required vitamins and mineral that cows need during their growing years. However, they tend to be costly, and their availability is limited due to weather conditions.

Keeping the expense and climatic conditions in mind, cattle feed like the ones with Nouriture, can be a healthy substitute for grazing. It means cows are provided with an additional feed along with the pastures as a part of their healthy diet.

These are just some of the guidelines you need to keep in mind if you are replacing grazing with feed for your cows:

Adequate Man-Power

Producers need to have an adequate inflow of working hands and equipment before they choose to shift to feed. While grazing requires the farmer to be present on the pasturing fields, shifting to a feed specific diet for the cows would require adequate equipment and manpower for delivery and administration of the feed.

Reduce Feeding Loss

Feed loss can be minimized by feeding in bunks. Providing the feed on the ground for cows to eat would allow farmers to move around their cattle around the field, to prevent trampling, loss of feed and erosion of pastures.

Don’t Burn a Hole in Your Wallet

Substituting pastures with cattle feed can be meaningless if the latter is more expensive. Producers and farmers should opt for feed as an alternative to grazing only when there is a lack of availability, pastures are costly, and the location is present in harsh weather conditions. Feed must always be relatively cheaper than total pasture costs.

Maintain a Nutritious Diet

Grazing on pastures is the healthiest option for your cows. However, geographical location, limited grazing field, and overall costs can be a challenge to producers and farmers alike. While substituting grazing with cattle feed is a viable option, one should maintain the nutritious intake of the cows. The feed shouldn’t have a negative effect on the digestion process as opposed to pasture feeding.

Cattle feed produced by Nouriture is a balanced source of essential nutrients that a cow requires during her growing years. The feed includes grains, oil cakes, brands, molasses, corn, etc. ingredients which are important for the cow’s body maintenance, growth and milk production. These are just some of the points to keep in mind before choosing feed as an efficient substitute to grazing.


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