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Why Is Balanced Carbohydrate Intake Necessary for Cattle?

Carbohydrates give energy, so they are necessary not just for humans but also for cattle, especially Dairy Cattle. Almost 60% to 70% of pashu aahar is composed of carbohydrates. Carbohydrate concentration in diet reflects on the lactose fat and protein content in the composition of milk.

Carbohydrate balance is important. Structural and nonstructural classification of carbohydrates:

Carbohydrates are classified as monosaccharides, disaccharides, and polysaccharides. They comprise elements found in the plant cell wall and those located in the inner cell of the plants. It is important that the pashu aahar has a complete balance of carbohydrate intake and that balance can be easily monitored. The milk fat content, revelation of cud-chewing intake of dry matters reveals the dietary balance. Problems like ketosis that deal with metabolism, ruminal acidosis, lameness are all a fallout of a disbalance in carbohydrate intake.

Indication of ruminal acidosis

It has been observed that the first lactating cows are more susceptible to ruminal acidosis. Feeding management strategies for this animal is important. If you notice a sudden drop in the milk fat percentage that is an indication of the low PH. This could be a result of improper management practices such as overstocking pens in the early stages of lactation or body fat mobilization that leads to an increase in milk fat. Milk fat protein ratio also results in energy deficiency and ketosis. Another condition that could lead to fatty milk is the amount of fat fed to the cow.

The chewing activity of the cows is an indication that substantially shows the presence of rumen acidosis disease in the animal. A noticeable reduction is found in rumination of the cow after one or two hours of consuming their meal. This along with other indicators could suggest the presence of rumen acidosis in the animal.

Feed intake is affected by numerous factors like the temperature, humidity, bottom surface of the feed bunk, comfort given to the cow, stocking density, feed timing consistency, monitoring particle size etc.


A complete balance in carbohydrate nutrition is required between structural and non-structural carbohydrate when preparing the pashu aahar near me. Chemical analysis and the physical form of carbohydrate mass should be evaluated and rationed. It is important to occasionally test and check the carbohydrate level by monitoring the milk production and component of dry matter from time to time.

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